Indoor Analytics & Maps

Fremtid Media offers indoor positioning and indoor navigation across industries and venues types. Our Bluetooth-based indoor positioning and wayfinding systems work reliably in different environments. Our wireless platform helps bossiness track assets and people located within buildings in real time. 

Events: Engagement & Analytics

Take advantage of context and surprise your visitors or attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals, or exhibitions, by offering them an interactive off- and online experience.

Assist visitors or attendees in making social connections by helping them learn about, find, and connect with each other.

Healthcare: Resource Management

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons can help healthcare providers easily identify and locate individual patients in hospitals and other care facilities by providing along with a solid portfolio of accurate and updated data about the health status, and medical history, treatments, and other clinical indications, for each patient to mobile devices. 

Asset Tracking and Real Time Locating Services

Save time and money in your logistics operations, by transforming micro-location and accurate indoor positioning into a powerful competitive advantage. 

Use our location intelligence and our real-time locating services to allow anyone on your team to find the assets they need within their premises, using both the web and mobile devices, in a quick and easy manner.

Building & Facility Management

By placing Bluetooth beacon networks in your precincts, businesses can generate accurate real-time data regarding office or meeting room usage, the location of employees in specific areas, cleaning and maintenance operations, and many other types of reports.

What’s more, precise statistics and studies could help to improve internal flows, space usage, and administration, among other things.

Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

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