Indoor Navigation
Built with Google Maps

Built to fit all industry needs

MapsIndoors can be applied to all large venues.

Convention Centre
Sports Arena

Search, Find & Navigate

It is easy to search, find and navigate using MapsIndoors. All your rooms and points of interest are searchable within your platform. Simply locate your destination in the menu, on the map, or using the search function to find it.

Once you have found your destination, you can receive navigational guidance from wherever you are. Get directions from your current location or from any other address, room, or point of interest.

By interfacing MapsIndoors with an indoor positioning system, your location will be shown as a blue dot on the map and you will enable the look and feel of turn-by-turn wayfinding.

Searchable, Interactive Indoor Navigation for Large Venues

Everyone has, at some point, been lost in the mazes of stands and exhibitors in large convention centers, struggled to find their gate at the airport, or been late to a lecture because they couldn’t find the right auditorium on campus.

Getting lost inside large and complex buildings could soon be a thing of the past. Meet MapsIndoors – the next generation of indoor navigation and wayfinding.

MapsIndoors is built using Google Maps, which ensures a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation. It brings the well-known functionality and design of Google Maps indoors, providing users with turn-by-turn navigation from any point outside a venue and all the way inside the building.

The MapsIndoors solution can be integrated into existing applications for mobile devices and desktops or as a standalone service. And with the MapsIndoors Content Management System, updating and customizing your indoor maps is a quick and easy process.

Take Google Maps as you already know it and bring it indoors with MapsIndoors.

Indoor Positioning

MapsIndoors can be interfaced with the most suitable indoor positioning system at your venue such as WiFi positioning, Bluetooth (BLE), or positioning based on magnetic fields.

The accuracy of an indoor positioning system depends on the chosen positioning technology used. It is also influenced by the type of building being mapped. By interfacing your indoor navigation platform with a positioning system, you will be able to use location-based services such as push messaging and the overall visitor experience is enhanced significantly. 

Manage, update and edit your MapsIndoors

Very few indoor spaces are static. Both the layout and the points of interest change constantly. With the MapsIndoors Content Management System (CMS) you get a single point of entry to edit and update your indoor maps and wayfinding platform. Any information shown on the map can be altered at any time, which means that you are always in full control of navigation.

The MapsIndoors CMS also lets you to manage your indoor positioning system and the use of location-based services such as push-notifications.

The MapsIndoors CMS is intuitive and user-friendly and does not require any programming skills.

Why interface MapsIndoors with indoor positioning?

Provide your users with exceptional navigation. You can increase the accuracy of your users position by interfacing MapsIndoors with an indoor positioning system. This will provide the users with the feel of turn-by-turn navigation.

You can utilize your users locations to deliver better services and commercial content. For example, use location-based marketing to deliver targeted offers and advertisements for shops, services and restaurants that are within close proximity to your users, or to deliver important messages and to alerts users in case of emergency.

What’s more, get an analytical insights into how your users move around your facility. Use this information to improve your floor plan or to support your business intelligence.

  • Easy Indoor Wayfinding
  • Reduce stress and time lost while navigating
  • Better experience with your organization
  • A great overview of your facility
  • Less frequent interruptions from people asking for directions
  • More time for important tasks
  • Greater confidence among new employees to explore your facility
  • Increased satisfaction among your customers, employees, students or visitors
  • Optimized efficiency to save resources
  • Analytical insight into the use of your facility

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