We are a young, Canadian company working with our partners to introduce a platform that deepens the engagement between cities, local businesses, and their communities. By combining  the latest technology with our simple platform, we strive to provide reliable connectivity and maximum flexibility for smarter city management.

Technology Solution

If you need to locate your users precisely, watch their real-time positions on your floor, gather attendance data, or deliver way-finding instructions, then our indoor intelligence mapping solution is right for you. Consisting of web, app, beacons, and touch screen displays, it is the pinnacle of interactive indoor experiences. By visualizing people, places and objects on a map, it is possible to enhance real-time asset tracking and real-time wayfinding. Through utilization of our easy-to-use platform, all of this achievable with a single set of maps.

Our solution contains an extensive set of application program interfaces (APIs) that offer a flexible, secure, and stable environment for any integrations. This creates a fully scalable and future proof solution that allows data to be rendered and visualized in real-time.

Whether we’re developing real-time wayfinding system, real-time asset tracking, or touch screens, we aim to ensure that our solutions will turn heads.

Give your business the presence it deserves with our creative and smart solutions.

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